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QLM Flasher Pro is a powerful and comprehensive repair tool for Qualcomm-powered devices. This tool is designed specifically for technicians and repair shops who work with Qualcomm-powered smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

One of the key features of QLM Flasher Pro is its support for advanced functions, including support for Motorola flashfile.xml flashing, ADB Partition management, ADB one-click functions, Fastboot one-click functions, fastboot unbrick, fastboot partition manager. These advanced features make QLM Flasher Pro a versatile and comprehensive tool that can handle a wide range of repair and maintenance functions for Qualcomm-powered devices

With QLM Flasher Pro, technicians have the ability to perform a range of repair and maintenance functions on Qualcomm-powered devices. Some of the key features of the tool include:

  1. Flashing Firmware: QLMFlasherPro allows technicians to flash firmware on Qualcomm-powered devices. This is an essential step in repairing bricked devices, restoring them to working order, and fixing software-related issues.

  2. Reading and Writing Partitions: The tool allows technicians to read and write partitions on Qualcomm-powered devices, making it possible to backup and restore data and perform other advanced functions.
  3. Supporting Multiple Devices: QLM Flasher Pro supports a wide range of Qualcomm-powered devices, including smartphones, tablets, and other devices.
  4. Multiple rawprogram Support: Qlmflasherpro support multiple rawprogram flashing & reading in single click. rawprogram files are binary files that contain information about the partition layout and firmware of Qualcomm-powered devices. With support for rawprogram files, QLM Flasher Pro makes it possible for technicians to perform advanced repair functions, such as partitioning and firmware flashing, with greater accuracy and efficiency.
  5. One Click FRP: The tool allow technicians to bypass the Google account verification process with just one click, making it possible to regain access to a device even if the user doesn't have the login credentials for the Google account associated with the device. These tools work by temporarily bypassing the verification process, allowing technicians to reset the device to its factory settings and start the setup process from scratch.
  6. One Click Reset Pattern Lock: The tool allow technicians to remove the screen lock from an Android device with just one click, making it possible to regain access to the device even if the user doesn't have the screen lock credentials. These tools work by temporarily bypassing the screen lock, allowing technicians to reset the device to its factory settings and start the setup process from scratch.
  7. Auto Firehose: the tool has ability to automatically detect a suitable firehose for your device, no need to select it Manually
  8. One Click Adb Fastboot Functions: one click functions for faster operations such as frp,reset, reboot, unlock, shell process, adb read write partition, fastboot unlock, fastboot erase write partition & many more.
  9. Scatter Flashing in Fastboot: the tool allow Mediatek Scatter Firmware flash in Fastboot Mod
  10. Safe Mod: the tool has a safe Mod function which allow FRP & pattern bypass on not flashable device via Patch

Key Functions:

Qualcomm Functions: FRP Reset, Read Firmware, Flash Firmware, partition Manager, Safe ModFactory Reset, Read write GPT

Spreadtrum Functions: FRP bypass, Firmware Flash
Mediatek Functions: Read, Flash, erase, partition manager, FRP, Reset, Mi cloud Remove etc.

Xiaomi: disable Mi cloud & all qcom,  functions on supported devices

Oppo/Realme OnePlus Special: firmware Flashing & all qcom, 

Vivo: FRP, Reset, EFS reset & all qcom functions (test Point needed)

The tool support Latest Asus ROG 6 Pro, Zenfone 9, Nubia Red Magic 7 series & lot's of Oppo/realme qcom phoe without auth without MSM.

It may take up to a maximum of 6 hours to activate, please be patient. (Check your Email for Login)

V4.6 Changes:
  • Red Magic 6r, red magic 9, Z60 Ultra bootloader unlock now supported (credit needed)
  • added Nubia z60 ultra, red magic 9 pro, Z18 Mini,Z30 Pro motorola tab G62, G42 Full Support
  • added bootloader unlock in EDL for LG SD845, 855 and 865 phones
  • added bootloader unlock in EDL for Nokia 8.3, 7.2 and 8.3V
  • bootloader unlock improped
  • added enable OEM unlock via EDL
V4.5 Changes:

Added Support for Unisoc Devices

  • Read, Flash Erase, Nokia SPD phone
  • Partition Manager
  • .pac Flash
  • read info
  • SPD imei repair
  • new Security bypass
  • reset via diag mod
  • 53 new Unisoc Phone added one click frp, reset
  • One click unlock

V3.8 Changes:
 New & Smooth GUI
* MTK is back
* Added MTK Features, Read. Flash, Erase, FRP, Reset, Mi account bypass and bootloader unlock relock Options
* Qualcomm New Model Added
* Extra Box added to check Realtime speed
* Extra Box added to Check Remaining Sector
* fix bug in fastboot partition Manager
* Qualcomm unlock bootloader Method added for supported phones in EDL Mod
* Qualcomm Firehose Method Changed to Check immediate if device already in Firehose Mod
* Fix many other bug in qualcomm
* Mediatek Brand and Model is auto following CPU are not supported 

  • MT6781, MT6983, MT6895, MT6886, MT698x
  • New Preloader exploit not supported yet

However We have scatter Flash Option in fastboot mod, so if you can access fastboot then you can flash these chip in fastboot Mod.

* Fix rawprogram flash in fastboot Mod. reboot command is removed to keep the device in same state until you flash all rawprogram on ufs device.

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